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From village-run enterprises to international standard makers, what did Haoyue New Materials do right?



High absorbent resin is a new kind of polymer material invented in the United States in the 1970s.Because can absorb a lot of water and can be swelling and can keep the water does not drain,this property is widely used in diapers,sanitary napkins and other sanitary products,greatly improve the convenience of human life and health level.But such an important material,technology and market have long been dominated by foreign giants.

  Introduction:the combination of industry,education and research,dedicated research and development,dare to launch an impact on international standards.
  Standards mean rules,they mean passes,they mean right to speak.
  High absorbent resin is a new kind of polymer material invented in the United States in the 1970s.Because can absorb a lot of water and can be swelling and can keep the water does not drain,this property is widely used in diapers,sanitary napkins and other sanitary products,greatly improve the convenience of human life and health level.But such an important material,technology and market have long been dominated by foreign giants.
  In recent years,shandong haoyue new materials co.,LTD.(hereinafter referred to as"haoyue new materials")found a new way to modify the surface of resin and invented a new method to occupy the competitive advantages and commanding heights,the situation began to change.
  "In the field of highly absorbent resins,our greater initiative is to take over the international standards,break the monopoly of the international giants."Hao month new materials chairman Yang zhiliang said.
  Break through
  Hao month new materials is the predecessor of the village-run collective enterprise Venus resin factory.In 1999,the company was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the shortage of funds.In 2000,Yang zhiliang took over the enterprise in the form of a contract and remade the enterprise with a new production process and management mode.In 2003,Yang zhiliang and other investors jointly invested in the jinxing resin factory restructuring,continue to develop the super absorbent resin industry.
  Before this,due to the late start of the research,high absorption resin(SAP),as an important raw material for sanitary napkins and diapers,has long been dependent on imports.Relying on imports,not only the cost is high,but also directly affects the development of China's sanitary products industry.
  At that time,as a small and micro enterprise with no technical strength,hao yue new materials also faced with backward production technology,low output constraints,in the case of rising raw material prices,the enterprise encountered unprecedented difficulties.
  To turn around the situation,Yang zhiliang personally door,to the downstream enterprises to promote products,to understand user needs,constantly improve the process,improve product performance,but in the face of strong competitors from overseas,efforts did not bring much change.
  By chance,that changed.In 2003,after visiting the weihai weigao group,Yang zhiliang sat alone on the beach.A newspaper report about diapers causing infant eczema opened his eyes to new possibilities."Eczema,in essence,is a material problem,absorption is not complete,and even reverse osmosis."Yang zhiliang said.
  After a detailed study,Yang zhiliang found that,for a long time,high absorption resin has a strong water absorption,but for urine,blood absorption is not good,not in line with the use of consumers,but also the root cause of eczema and other problems.If we can invent a material that can absorb urine and still keep it dry and comfortable,we can solve the red butt phenomenon caused by surface moisture,side leakage and regurgitate that has long troubled the highly absorbent resin industry.
  This inspiration lets Yang zhiliang be like a treasure.With this inspiration,Yang zhiliang started joint development and exploration with famous universities in China,trying to make a breakthrough from the perspective of materials,break the monopoly of foreign materials,and make up the shortcomings of existing materials.
  New material new pattern
  Under the leadership of Yang zhiliang,haoyue new materials through the combination of industry,university and research,after thousands of experiments,invented a new resin surface modification method,developed to meet the needs of consumers,human urine and blood with super,fast absorption capacity of products.
  According to introducing,the time that new product absorbs 5 milliliter blood,urine is less than 50 seconds,shorter than the Japanese product that holds dominant position in the market more than 400 seconds,solved side leakage,return oozesis,adhesion to wait for a problem effectively,at the same time its downstream product still reduced wood pulp to use 70%-80%.The successful development of new products has aroused the attention of the same industry and downstream enterprises at home and abroad.
  In 2006,haoyue new material formally proposed to change the traditional judgment basis of high absorbability resin and water absorption as the detection medium,instead of the absorption target as the material performance evaluation standard.This change marks the beginning of a new pattern in the field of highly absorbent resins.The situation that transnational corporation monopolizes the right of discourse of high absorbent resin changes accordingly.
  After that,hao yue new materials applied to the national standards commission for two national standards:high absorptive resin for sanitary towels and high absorptive resin for diapers,which were officially implemented on September 1,2009.
  On September 1,2009,two national standards were officially implemented,resulting in great changes in the structure of the market for highly absorbent resins.Previously,foreign companies dominated the Chinese market.After the new standards were introduced,some technical indicators of their products could not meet the requirements of national standards,so they had to gradually withdraw from the Chinese market,and the market share of domestic enterprises was generally improved.
  Zhi-liang Yang believes that the implementation of the two national standard,thoroughly has ended The Times of foreign products in China,profits,and fundamentally blocked foreign enterprise technology and high absorbent resin in China market prices down,and new material for blood and urine strong absorbent and affinity,greatly improved the level of women,children and the elderly health care,the"benefit the end consumer.
  With the continuous improvement of technology,the application range of high absorbent resin is expanding rapidly,in the field of agriculture and forestry soil water retention materials,medical hemostatic bandages,chemical materials and oil-water separation materials,as well as in the field of fire,weather modification and other fields continue to explore new USES.The revolutionary new material of highly absorbent resin is bringing great changes to the production and life of human beings.
  Seize the commanding heights of international standards
  First-class enterprises do the standard,second-rate enterprises do technology,third-rate enterprises do products.Under the conditions of economic globalization and modern market economy,the standard is the passport for enterprises and products to the market.The standard is the commanding heights,the right of discourse and the right of control.
  After the establishment of domestic standards,the implementation of national standards brings great benefits to the development of enterprises and arouses their desire to draft international standards.Hao month new materials began to international standards to launch an impact.
  As the main raw material for absorbing blood and urine,highly absorbent resin is widely produced and consumed in the global market,but there is no uniform standard and testing method.Different countries around the world enforce different standards,which also hinder normal international trade.
  Hao yue's new material overturns the old test method of using water as the medium and USES simulated blood and urine as the medium,which touches the vested interests of international giants.Multinationals such as sumitomo fought hard against it and sought the support of experts in the us,Germany and elsewhere.
  To this end,Yang zhiliang has been back and forth to eight countries more than 20 times to communicate with American experts.These two proposals for international standards on the quality of life of women,infants and the elderly around the world have passed each stage smoothly with the strong support of Britain,France,Russia,India,South Korea,Thailand and other countries.
  After more than three years of efforts,hao yue broke through layers of resistance,the new materials led by the two international standards on high absorption resin was finally passed in August 2017,officially released for implementation.On November 10,2017,the former general administration of quality supervision,inspection and quarantine(aqsiq)held two international standard release conferences led by hao yue's new materials.
  Chen hongjun,deputy director of the standard technology management department of the state administration of market regulation,believes that this is a typical case of China's small and medium-sized enterprises transforming core patented technology into international standards to lead the innovation and development of standards.
  After winning the international standard,haoyue achieved the internationalization and industrialization of new material science and technology high absorbent resin,improved the reputation and international competitiveness of the enterprise,and realized the leapfrog development.According to the data,sales volume of high absorbency resin of new materials of hao month increased from 100 tons in 2005 to more than 8,000 tons in 2017,with the output value exceeding 69 million yuan,ranking the top 5 in the industry.
  "We are working hard to expand production capacity.In 2019,we plan to invest 220 million yuan to build a phase ii project with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons,and extend the application to fire protection and other fields."Yang zhiliang said.